Design + UW Computer Science


Erika Shiroma

I love to create, and I love to problem solve–that's why I studied Computer Science at the University of Washington.

I initially pursued graphic design, having grown up as "the artist," but I soon discovered computer science as the ultimate palette. I am always excited to learn or build something new, and I look forward to continuing to explore the endless possibilities of the field.

In my free time, I enjoy weightlifting, hiking, keyboard shortcuts, and hand lettering.


Software Engineer

September 2016

  • Cloud Marketplace team
  • (AngularJS, Java)


Software Engineering Intern

March 2016–June 2016

  • Worked on the Brand Ads team, which helps advertisers understand their presence on Twitter
  • Developed a "lite" version of the app, which allows product use without the manual signup flow
  • Drove an 8% Brand Insights user increase within the first few hours after launch
  • (Scala, Backbone.js (+Jasmine), HTML+CSS)


Software Engineering Intern

June 2015–September 2015

  • Worked on the landing page of AdWords, Google's flagship platform for advertisers
  • Explored data visualizations for auction metrics
  • Full-stack implementation included querying servers, communicating between layers via RPCs, and displaying result intuitively and aesthetically
  • (AngularDart, Charted (d3.js), HTML+CSS, Java)


Software Development Engineering Intern

June 2014–May 2015

  • Developed UX and new features in Cozi's Android app for over 12 million users
  • Added over a dozen new custom cards (400% increase) to Cozi's own "Google Now"
  • Reduced latency by converting codebase to a new JSON serialization library
  • (Android: Java, XML)


Teaching Assistant

Jan 2014–Mar 2014

  • Taught introductory Java programming to a section of 20-25 students
  • Assisted students in the programming help lab
  • Proctored exams, and graded tests and assignments

Accounting Professionals

Graphic Designer

Jan 2009–May 2015

  • Designed, constructed & maintains company website (HTML+CSS)
  • Design company materials (business cards, graphics, flyers, ads)
  • (Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator, Quickbooks)

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